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Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!  We had a wonderful time with family and with out of town friends visiting us.  On top of celebrating the holiday I also took calls for our 3 offices.  While this seems to some like it could be a challenging part of our job it is really an opportunity to help, guide and sometimes change people’s lives. On Thanksgiving I went into the office to see an 8 year old boy who broke his front tooth.  Later in the day his mom texted to me to say “Thank you for taking time out of your Thanksgiving to help N.  We are grateful!  His tooth actually looks better than it did before he chipped it!”

Chestnut Dental dentists cover the office 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  For emergencies we determine when it’s appropriate to open the office to treat patients.

Enjoy your upcoming holiday season!


Dr. Anne Hertzberg
Pediatric dentist, Needham office

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