Electric Toothbrush Benefits


Our Needham adult department now offers power toothbrushes. These brushes have some nice features that are helpful to our patients. My favorite feature is the two minute timer. Brushing for two minutes can feel like forever, but it lets you address all areas of your mouth. If you don’t have an electric brush, try brushing with an egg timer. Another great feature is the gentler setting. I tend to brush very hard, but my electric toothbrush lets me know when I’m pressing too much. It is a great reminder for those of us who brush using a death grip. For those that are tech savvy, there is a feature that allows you to connects to your smartphone so you can see areas that could be brushed better. Stop by our front desk for a demo of the new power brushes available for purchase.


Dr. Martin Spielmann
Adult dentist, Needham office

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