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History of Toothpaste

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One of the shows my family enjoys watching together is Shark Tank. We all love watching the various business owners pitch their products and ideas to the “sharks”. On a recent episode, two business owners introduced Bite Toothpaste Bits. This product was created to try and cut down on the waste that comes from toothpaste tubes. Bite Toothpaste Bits are sold in glass bottles, and each are made with gluten-free and vegan ingredients, according to the company’s site. 

This got my family talking about the history of toothpaste, and what we found out from a Google search was pretty interesting! Did you know that as far back as the Egyptians, people were cleaning their teeth? Early toothpaste included powder of ox hooves ashes, crushed bones and oyster shells. Something like modern day toothpaste tubes originated in the late 1890s. Until the 1940s, most toothpaste included SOAP! 

As an orthodontist, I often receive different types of toothpaste as samples. I’m glad none of them contain ox hooves or crushed bones, or soap!

Happy brushing!!

Dr. Scott Harsfield
Orthodontist, Needham office



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