Invisalign Treatment

Before and after invisalign

Every day as an orthodontist I treat adults and adolescents with Invisalign.  If you’re unfamiliar, Invisalign straightens teeth using clear plastic aligners worn throughout the day over the teeth instead of traditional metal braces.  This is a great orthodontic treatment option for many adults who either never had braces or who have seen their teeth recently shift.  Typically, it doesn’t take any longer than braces and can provide the same result.

Included below are before and after photos for a 36-year-old patient I treated at Chestnut Dental.  She had crowding in both arches prior to treatment and her bite didn’t fit ideally.  After treatment, the alignment of her teeth and crossbite was corrected.  She was happy she chose to do treatment and pleased with the outcome.


Adam Donnell, DMD, MS
Board Certified Orthodontist, Needham & Bedford offices

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