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Last autumn my family and I took a trip to New York City for a weekend. For the first time we took Amtrak into Penn Station and, if you are like us and usually drive, I would encourage you to give it a try.

We departed the Amtrak station on Route 128/Westwood which allows you to keep your car parked in the garage while you are away, and even allows you to pay with your EZPass on the way out once you return.

Once we found our seats it was incredibly comfortable – more leg room than a plane, a smooth ride and gorgeous views. A fair amount of the trip is along the coast and the sun rising along the many inland waterways made for a memorable journey. We brought breakfast and coffee with us, but there is a dining car on the train as well. The total travel time equals that of driving…minus the inevitable traffic.

After a weekend traversing the city, it was nice to put up our sore feet and rest on the way home, arriving back in Massachusetts refreshed and ready for the work week.


Dr. Richard Strakus
Adult dentist, Bedford and Needham offices

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