Winter Season


This is my favorite time of the year. The weather is changing, delicious treats seem to appear in our office lunch room almost daily, and my focus shifts to ski season! Starting sometime in the late fall every year I begin to plot my season- blocking weekends in our family calendar for trips north, bringing my skis in for a tune up, and finding deals for lift tickets. Finding a family friendly resort with challenges and variety of all of us is a top priority. Do we stay close for a quick trip, or can I convince my family to make the trek to Jay Peak with the promise of the water slides after a day on the slopes?

My kids are 2 and 4, and their skiing is more playing in the snow and drinking hot chocolate than it is gliding downhill. Still, we try and get them involved and make every moment on the hill count. While I did not grow up in a skiing family, I have made it a priority to raise kids who enjoy the winter as much as the summer. Every season in New England is so distinct and has so much to offer us. The winter is no exception, and while our winters can be tough, it is a truly beautiful season and can be a ton of fun if you know how to stay warm.

There is something magical about being outside after it snows. Enjoy your winter!


Dr. Benjamin Roth
Orthodontist, Franklin & Needham offices

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