Silver Diamine Fluoride

Silver Diamine Fluoride is a cavity arresting treatment used to stop or slow down the cavity process.

It is a conservative treatment and application of the cavity arresting medicine is done without having to remove tooth structure.

The cavity process is a complex disease with bacteria causing tooth breakdown.

The silver fluoride is a topical medicine that acts by killing the bacteria and hardening the remaining tooth, with the goal being to stop the active cavity. The silver binds to the tooth and turns the cavity lesion BLACK/DARK BROWN.

You know the treatment has worked when the cavity turns black/brown. Teeth that have been treated with sodium diamine fluoride can later be restored with white fillings, thus masking the black stain.

When the silver diamine fluoride is applied to the cavity, it will not stain the portion of tooth/teeth without a cavity.


  • Known silver allergy
  • Active gum ulcerations


  • Esthetics of black stain
  • Potential for transient irritation of the gums
  • Contact of the silver diamine fluoride to skin/or gums can cause temporary staining (“tattoo”) of the gums.  It is not harmful.  Staining will fade over 24-72 hours 

 At Chestnut Dental we recommend silver diamine fluoride be applied by a dental professional, it is not a home remedy.