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What Are Those Things At The Dentist’s Office? (Dental Tools)

What Are Those Things At The Dentist’s Office (Dental Tools)

If you’re curious about the dental tools you see at the dentist’s office, check out this guide from Chestnut Dental in Massachusetts.

What Dental Tools Can I Expect To See At The Dentist’s Office?

Visiting the dentist can be a daunting experience, especially when you’re surrounded by strange-looking equipment that’s foreign to you. However, it’s reassuring to know that when your dentist explains what each tool is used for, you can feel more at ease about your upcoming appointment. All of the machines and tools are actually designed to make sure you have a pain-free visit and a healthy mouth. During a visit to the dentist’s office, you can expect to see the following:

  • Mouth Mirror

  • Saliva Suction Device

  • Scaler

  • Probe

  • Drill

  • X-Ray Machine

What Is A Mouth Mirror?

Those who have had dental cleanings are already familiar with this tool. The mouth mirror is the least intimidating dental tool. It consists of a small mirror attached to the end, which helps your dentist get a detailed view into your mouth. This tool enables your dentist to detect any tooth decay, cavities and gum disease. Additionally, the mouth mirror helps move the tongue away without the dentist having to use their hands. It is designed to fit comfortably in the mouth and allows the dentist to check out every angle. Looking into your own mouth is difficult due to the cramped space, but the mouth mirror makes it much easier for your dentist to get a good view.

What Is A Saliva Suction Device?

The saliva ejector (or saliva suction device) is a small vacuum that suctions up any saliva during a dental treatment. This device simplifies the process for the patient, as it removes any excess saliva from the mouth while the dentist is working. This helps keep the work area clean and prevents the patient from swallowing any calculus or from getting overwhelmed by their saliva production. Overall, it is one of the more straightforward tools for both the dentist and the patient.

What Is A Scaler?

The scaler is a metal scraper that can be the most intimidating tool in the dentist’s office. It is used to remove tartar and plaque build-ups, particularly larger ones, from your teeth and gums. For those with healthy teeth, it shouldn’t hurt since it isn’t used as much. However, if you have issues such as gingivitis, it might cause discomfort due to the bacteria and inflammation of the gums. The scaler is used to prevent tooth decay and is an essential tool in fighting gum disease.

What Is A Dental Probe?

The dental probe is likely a source of fear for many patients, but it serves an important purpose in finding cavities and gum disease. The sharp hook on the probe is used to look for pockets between teeth and to scrape away plaque and tartar. When there is visible damage to the tooth, the probe will cause discomfort. This tool is used to evaluate how much damage has been done and how the dentist can help the patient heal. The probe is also used to check the health of the gums, similar to the scaler, but with a focus on the gums. There is no need to fear the probe when the teeth are healthy, but if there is an issue with the gums, the dentist will have to work to remove any bacteria and plaque underneath.

What Is A Dental Drill?

If you have a cavity, you might need to spend some time with the dental drill. While this may be nerve-wracking for some, it is a very common and harmless procedure. The drill is used to carefully remove any decay, so the tooth can be filled, or to polish the tooth after the completion of a procedure. Although the vibration might feel strange, it won’t cause any harm to your teeth.

What Is An X-Ray Machine?

During a regular visit, your dentist may take some X-Ray images using an X-Ray machine. To protect you from radiation, they will put a lead cover over you. These images give your dentist an idea of what is happening below the surface, in your teeth and gums, helping to identify any potential issues.

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