Special Needs

Pediatric dentists have advanced training in caring for patients with special needs. At Chestnut Dental, our pediatric dental practice is made up of a team of dentists who have completed two years of advanced education after a four-year dental school curriculum. They have all been certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. This indicates not only their expertise, but also their devotion to treating children, including children with special health-care needs.

Many special needs patients are susceptible to gum disease, dental caries and orofacial trauma. Additionally, some patients are on daily medication that can affect oral health. For all these reasons regular dental care and a good, comfortable relationship with a dental care provider is of importance. We work with parents and children to customize a comprehensive lifelong plan for dental health. Some patients with special needs will require mild sedation or general anesthesia for extensive dental treatment, which is done in conjunction with the dental team at Children’s Hospital Boston.

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